A New CPG-101 is Coming

FEMA has recently announced an upcoming update to CPG-101.  CPG-101 is short hand for the “Community Preparedness Guide 101: Developing and Maintaining Emergency Operations Plans” document.  CPG 101 is a legacy document, which through its own versions and previous iterations has for decades has served as the standard guidance for emergency operations planning in the … Continue reading A New CPG-101 is Coming

Preparedness: Integrating Community Lifeline Considerations

Much of preparedness is about getting us ready to conduct situational assessment and prioritization of actions.  We train people and develop resources, such as drones, field-deployed apps, and geographic information systems (GIS) to support situational assessment.  The information we obtain from these assessments help in the development and maintenance of situational awareness and, when shared … Continue reading Preparedness: Integrating Community Lifeline Considerations

Airport Emergency Planning

Through my career I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of airports on preparedness efforts.  In the past couple of years, that interaction has been greatly amplified through a contract my company successfully completed involving the development of exercises for airports.  As part of this effort, we designed, conducted, and evaluated exercises at … Continue reading Airport Emergency Planning

Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning Guidance

So much of preparedness focuses on the Response mission area, which is necessary, given the need to protect life and property in the immediate aftermath of a disaster; but we should never leave disaster recovery by the way side.  I’ve blogged in the past about the significant lack of Recovery mission area exercises we typically … Continue reading Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning Guidance

Do We Need Different Systems for Catastrophic Incidents?

We’ve long heard, albeit in small pockets, people proclaiming that emergency management and public safety need different systems for larger incidents vs smaller incidents.  For years, the Incident Command System (ICS) fought that stigma, with many saying that ICS is only used for hazardous materials incidents (specifically because of OSHA requirements) or for large incidents … Continue reading Do We Need Different Systems for Catastrophic Incidents?

If You Aren’t Assessing Hazards, What Are You Basing Your Preparedness On?

I just read an article from Campus Safety Magazine which cited a report on college campus preparedness.  Some of the numbers are a bit disturbing.  To me, the most serious numbers are from this graphic, which came from the Margolis Healy 2015 Campus Safety Survey: According to this graphic, 26.5% of college campuses surveyed have … Continue reading If You Aren’t Assessing Hazards, What Are You Basing Your Preparedness On?