Some Call Me Tim

In short:

I’m an emergency management professional with over twenty-seven years of experience in public safety, emergency management, and consulting.  I am a founding member, partner, and principal consultant with Emergency Preparedness Solutions, LLC; a private consulting firm serving government, businesses, and not for profit organizations in various aspects of emergency and disaster preparedness, particularly planning, training, and exercises.  I’m a Certified Emergency and Disaster Professional (CEDP) through the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers.

Note: Mr. Riecker’s comments don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of Emergency Preparedness Solutions, LLC, other employers, or affiliations.


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The full bio:

Mr. Riecker has served in public safety for over twenty-seven years, twenty-four of which have been in the field of Emergency Management.  He is recognized nationally as a specialist in incident management; emergency operations center management; defense support to civil authorities (DSCA); public safety event planning and management; instructional design and delivery; and exercise design, conduct, and evaluation.

Mr. Riecker is an experienced program manager and innovator, having revolutionized programs through streamlining policy and procedure; and leveraging technology, grant funds, interagency partnerships, and human capital with a focus on meeting needs through quality implementation.  He was the lead planner and exercise director for three of the largest preparedness exercises ever conducted in the State of New York: Empire Express (2008), Empire 09 (2009), and Vigilant Guard (2009); and appointed by the State of Vermont to be the lead exercise controller for Vermont Vigilant Guard (2016).

Mr. Riecker has had the honor of presenting and training at numerous conferences and training facilities around the nation; including FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI), United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM), colleges and universities, fire and police academies, and numerous public safety and event management conferences.  His most distinctive honor has been presenting to a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Mr. Riecker has a depth of response experience, ranging from a decade of work in EMS and the fire service to direct involvement in 21 Federally declared disasters as well as many Federally declared emergencies, and local and Gubernatorial disaster declarations.  Mr. Riecker has served in State and local Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) as a qualified Planning Section Chief.

Mr. Riecker serves as an expert on the NFPA 1660 committee, the industry advisory board for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s Emergency Services programs, and as the program designer and an instructor for the Emergency Management certificate program at Herkimer College. He is a board member and treasurer for the International Public Safety Association (IPSA).

7 thoughts on “Some Call Me Tim

  1. thanks for stopping by blog, Tim. I very much like yours. I’ve worked in the non-profit arean in promoting improving infrastructure and have been professionally interested in the things you talk about. I shall happily follow your blog.

  2. Hi tim,
    Thanks for your interest in my blog (Emergency Communities) and your response to it. I’m glad you appreciate the many dilemmas provoked by the growing number of these disasters. Actually though, I thought I made clear (in Parts 1-6) that these new communities would be directly connected to the existing city, and would be used by both, especially the community centers. This is not “post-apocalyptic” at all. These centers are already being built in Texas, and the transportation initiatives, such as bus rapid transit, have already been very successful in Curitaba. The idea of temporary shelters has also been used in New Orleans, the most effective of which can be permanently re-used after the initial phase. I hope to have used a “moderate” approach, taking what is actually happening in the world and moving it in a more positive and sustainable direction. Thank you again for your interest,

  3. If you would remove the sentence “The ideas you propose are similar to those explored in post apocalyptic dramas, especially in the genre of zombies,” I’d like to publish them. I think that takes them off in a less professional direction than I intended. Thanks again for your interest,

  4. Good evening;

    I’m interested in researching the ISM further, do you have examples of jurisdictions who are currently using the model?


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