Professional Background

What I do:

  • Specialist in Emergency & Disaster Preparedness & Response
  • Master Trainer & Curriculum Developer
  • Expert in NIMS, HSEEP, & EOC Management
  • Entrepreneur
  • Life-Long Learner
  • Blogger
  • Improv Performer
  • Star Wars and Marvel Geek

Where I am:

Founding Partner & Principal Consultant – Emergency Preparedness Solutions, LLC

EPS Logo

Herkimer College

Emergency Management Program designer and instructor

International Public Safety Association (IPSA) Board member and Treasurer

Where I’ve been:

Advisory Board Member & Emergency Disaster Services Volunteer – The Salvation Army

Tim Riecker

Senior Emergency Management Consultant – Dewberry

Tim Riecker

Founding Member & First Chairman – Herkimer-Oneida Organizations Active in Disaster

Tim Riecker

Chief of Training & Exercises – NYS Emergency Management Office

Tim Riecker

Board Member & Chair of Disaster Services Committee – American Red Cross

Tim Riecker


Certificate: Data Analytics – Cornell University

Graduate Work: Emergency Management – American Military University

Tim Riecker - AMU

Bachelor’s Degree: Business Administration – SUNY Oswego

Tim Riecker

Associate’s Degree: Accounting – Herkimer College

Tim Riecker - HCCC

5 thoughts on “Professional Background

  1. Tim-
    I own a water purification solution’s business-with customers in every region of the world. Many customers have been with us for 20 years now. My interest in preparedness is focused on the critical need for safe water-and a secure source of resupply. I watch the continued failure of most organizations, CERT organizations, and the Red Cross. These groups depend or believe that bottled water is the answer-or in the case of a CERT member a lifestraw.
    You know some of what goes on within the Red Cross-unfortunately I have had experiences where the money and resources corrupt the mission much like politics.
    I appreciate your dedication to training and education-it is a huge step in the right direction.

    1. Thanks Bob. Your comments are appreciated. Potable water is certainly the most critical of resources. While there are simple solutions for small quantities and short durations, more definitive solutions do need to be implemented for populations. Keep up the good work!

  2. Tim,
    I am looking for an “exercise development” timeline that would cover the development of a full-scale response exercise. I am looking at about a 10 month schedule. Do you have any suggestions on where I might find a timeline with the basic HSEEP documents/meetings tied to it? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Stephen,
      This is a great question!

      An exercise development timeline like what you are looking for probably won’t be found – or if it is it might not be fully applicable to your circumstances. The good news is that 10 months is usually sufficient for most full scale exercises.

      I would suggest you work backwards from the exercise date and benchmark the major exercise planning meetings. Be sure to give plenty of time between the meetings since this is the space where the real exercise planning work and document development is done. Don’t be afraid to add to the HSEEP standard, either. I’ve found that regular conference calls for at least the core planning team can be a big help between planning meetings to ensure that everyone is keeping pace.

      In case you haven’t seen it, I have a series of posts on exercise program management in which I do get into some discussion of timelines and such. Here’s the link to the first part:

      Good luck and let me know if you need any help!


      1. Hi Stephen:

        In addition to backwards planning, I have taken the newer version of HSEEP & have adapted it to military usage by just breaking the different stages/requirements of the HSEEP process down into a manageable timeline, as were relevant to my industry. I’ll forward the attachment to Tim & he can relay it to you if he wouldn’t mind.

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