Audience Analysis Worksheet

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Creating Communication

My superstar student Reva shared an amazing resource with the class during her Mini-Discussion this week: the Audience Analysis Worksheet.  Feel free to use the worksheet authored by Lenny Laskowski for your next presentation!

Analysis – Who are they? How many will be there?

Understanding – What is their knowledge of the subject?

Demographics – What is their age, sex, educational background? (I think we can definitely add more questions regarding demographic information here).

Interest – Why are they there? Who asked them to be there?

Environment – Where will I stand? Can they all see & hear me?

Needs – What are their needs? What are your needs as the speaker?

Customized – What specific needs do you need to address?

Expectations – What do they expect to learn or hear from you?


Do you conduct audience analysis before your presentations?  How do you complete this important…

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Infographic on Business Continuity After a Disaster

Recovery Diva

The folks at the CDC Foundation has prepared a really excellent interactive graphic. See this  Business Continuity infographic.

Since the Diva wanted to print it off and use it as a poster, the staff at the foundation were gracious enough to break it up into 3 pdf files so that it would print off.  If you want a copy of the 3 files to print, contact the Diva directly.

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