Webinar – What is Interoperability and Why Should I Care?


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I’m pleased to be taking part in this webinar, hosted by BaseCamp Connect.  I’ll be joining Damien Coakeley, retired from the Ottawa Police Service and currently Chair of the Board of Directors of the Ottawa Safety Council and owner of Veritas Emergency Management Consultants.

What we’re talking about:

With the ever-increasing complexity, frequency and breadth of emergencies, crises and disasters, the notion of interoperability between responding agencies and emergency managers is becoming exponentially more important than ever before.

WHEN: October 4 at 12:00pm EST

Together, Damien Coakeley and Timothy Riecker have more than 50 years experience in emergency management ! Join us to learn:

  • What does interoperability really mean to them
  • Different types of interoperability: communication, equipment, law, etc.
  • Interoperability problems encountered in the field
  • Tips and advice
  • And much more !

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Base Camp Connect – Field-Deployable Interoperability Solution

Hello readers!  I wanted to make everyone aware of an incredible product out there for communications interoperability – Base Camp Connect.  This is a mobile, field-deployable interoperability platform that can bridge voice, data, and radio in minutes.  Right on their home page, they link to a YouTube video demo of their system, which shows many of its capabilities.

Along the top of their webpage, you will also find a number of tabs, including a blog.  Base Camp Connect has brought on some talented bloggers, and me, to write on topics including communications, incident management, and others.  The posts I write for Base Camp Connect are exclusive content only found on their website and LinkedIn page.

Check out their website and the YouTube videos, follow them on LinkedIn, and read through some blog posts.  In fair disclosure, while Base Camp Connect does not pay me to promote their product, they do pay me to write content for them.  I really do think they have a great product, though – so check it out.