Reinvention 101

I recently read an article posted on (originally posted on about Robert Downey Jr.’s life recovery and re-emergence into super-stardom.  It’s a good read for those of you who might need a little inspiration in life.

First I want to mention that I am a huge fan of Robert Downey Jr.  As Nik told me after seeing The Avengers on opening night – it is the greatest superhero movie ever made.  I’m a huge fan of the Iron Man movies and he has done wonders with Sherlock Holmes.  Despite the difference of time period, the two characters – Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes – are amazingly similar.  Inventive, arrogant, successful… geniuses, essentially.

Back to the article – It’s amazing what Robert Downey Jr. has been able to do in turning his life around.  One thing is for certain, he hasn’t done it on his own.  He has had help.  No person can overcome what he has without it.  That’s not a poke at him – it’s the reality of being human.  It takes a village, as they say.  A strong network of support – friends, family, colleagues – can help any person overcome adversity.  This help can come in many forms – emotional support, self-worth (it’s a part of emotional support, but so significant it deserves its own mention), financial support, professional opportunities, and more.

His success has overcome his mistakes.  Some people have forgotten about his mistakes, which I’m sure is fine with him.  Other people are overlooking his mistakes, seeing the better man he is now.  That might be the perspective that he actually prefers.  I’d be interested to know.

I’ve made mistakes in life, just like anyone else.  I’ve learned the five lessons described in the article – largely without even knowing it.  Once I read this article the realization of it all struck me.  I’ve accomplished a lot.  That has given me a great boost to continue on and forge ahead.  It’s also made me realize, once again, the value of the people in my life.  The list is nearly endless, so instead of an Academy Award speech, I’ll just say ‘Thanks’.

-Tim Riecker

2 thoughts on “Reinvention 101

  1. Tim, I was attracted to this article in particular because I too, am an Avengers fan. I did read the article, and just wanted to say, “Thanks” for passing on an inspirational message. We all have past mistakes, and this shared 5 simple things to keep in mind as we move on! Thanks!

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