Visual Presentation Design

I’ve been following Alex’s blog for a while now – the work she and her peers do in presentation design is truly revolutionary. This post, in particular, is a great introduction to how she works. I’ve certainly been at fault for many years for designing presentations like documents. It’s a tough habit to break, but I’m committing to the visual design method from now on!

If you do any kind of training or presentations – FOLLOW HER BLOG! She gives a ton of great advice!

Creating Communication

When I learned that I would have a few very special guests attending my visual design lecture, I redesigned my lesson plans.  While these lessons aren’t quite Slideshare-ready yet, I would like to share them with you over the next few days.  I promise to debut the new visual design Slideshare presentation before the end of January!

The new lessons focus on teaching my students 7 key rules for effective slide design.  Today, we’ll begin with rule number one:


The most basic lesson we learn first in my visual design class is that slides are not documents.  In order to create slides that use the Keynote or PowerPoint medium as it was intended to be used – for a visual purpose – we must set up our slides for success.

Setting our slides up for failure looks a little something like this:


We select a template in Keynote…

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