In memoriam – Ape

Ape - Rest in Peace

Ape – Rest in Peace

Many around the nation are aware of the active shooter incident that occurred in central New York earlier this week.  This shooting occurred just a town east of where I live.

In this tragic event, four people, including an off duty corrections officer, were killed and two people were wounded.  As the incident came to a resolution, nearly a full day after it began, a special operations team entered a building where they suspected the shooter was hiding.  As the team searched the building, a Czech German Shepherd born on November 17, 2010 took point.  In the gunfire that was exchanged when the suspect was located, Ape, a K-9 member of the FBI since only February of this year was shot and killed by the suspect.

You can visit the Officer Down Memorial Page to pay your respects to Ape.

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