My DHS Idea Campaign

No, it’s not my DHS Idea.  It’s theirs.  DHS’, that is.  The ‘My DHS Idea Campaign’ has been developed to solicit input from the private sector about homeland security matters that concern them and what they view as priorities.  This information will help inform the legally required 2018 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, which is slated to be provided to Congress in December of 2017.

Information on the campaign is provided below.  From the link provided, you can browse ideas submitted by others and submit your own ideas.  If you are a member of the private sector, please take a look and provide your input.




My DHS Idea Campaign

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would like to hear from you about the homeland security issues that concern you and your community.

DHS is in the process of completing a major strategic review of the Department’s programs and priorities, and will deliver its finished product – the 2018 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review – to Congress in December 2017.  As part of the review, DHS is inviting members of the private sector to participate in the online “My DHS Idea” campaign.

These are some of the important missions staff of DHS performs every day:

  • Counterterrorism;
  • Border security;
  • Immigration enforcement;
  • Trade enforcement and facilitation;
  • Drug interdiction;
  • Disaster preparedness and response; and
  • Cyber security.

What homeland security issues do you care about?  What areas should DHS prioritize?  What are the most pressing risks facing your community and the nation as a whole?

Using the IdeaScale platform, you can post your own ideas to address the homeland security challenges that are important to you and your community, comment on other people’s ideas, and vote on the issues and approaches you think are the most important for DHS to consider.  This interactive format allows everyone on the site to see the issues that are most important to other participants, and which ideas generate the most interest and support.  The Department’s Office of Policy staff will moderate and contribute to discussions on an occasional basis incorporating key ideas into the strategy review process as appropriate.

You can find the link to the DHS IdeaScale site at  Registration is quick and easy.

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