IPSA Mass Casualty Symposium

On the road again!

I’m very happy to announce that, together with my friend and colleague Jon Stewart from Dewberry, I will be presenting at the International Public Safety Association’s (IPSA) Mass Casualty Symposium being held on May 2-3 in Mesa, Arizona.

I’ve been a member of IPSA since last year and my company, Emergency Preparedness Solutions, LLC is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Mass Casualty Symposium. IPSA is a non-profit corporation supporting the entire public safety community, providing opportunities for public safety to cross train and network across all disciplines. It’s a fairly new organization that is growing wonderfully and providing a lot of great information through collaboration. You can get more information on IPSA here, including how to become a member.

The MCI Symposium is bringing together a full range of public safety professionals, including first responders, emergency management, 911, and more; from the US and Canada to discuss topics related to mass casualty incidents. Presentation topics will include active shooter, incident communications, mental health, preparedness, response, and recovery. Jon and I will be presenting on the Nexus of Mass Casualty Incidents and Mass Fatality Incidents, which can often exist in the same incident.

We’d love to see you in Mesa in May! You can find information on the Symposium here, including registration information.

– Tim Riecker

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