Mass Shooting Information – reblog

There are a handful of bloggers in the public safety field who are posting about active shooters, obviously as a follow up to the horrific incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Dr. Sheila Sund (The Disaster Doc) not only provides the current industry guidance in her post, but also provides some information on mass shootings.


After the events of the last week, there is nothing else I can write about for my scary topic. My normal writing style won’t fit this serious topic, so let’s get right to important information we should know, balanced with pictures to remind us how it should be!

First Some Facts

There is so much posted on this topic – be careful believing what you read! I checked original sources as much as possible, looking for strict definitions and statistical analysis, but I encourage you to do your own research.

Mother Jones tracked mass murder active shooting events from 1982 on. According to their Guide to Mass Shootings in America, there were at least 62 mass murder events in the United States in the last 30 years. They use a FBI definition for mass murder as someone who kills at least 4 people in a single incident, primarily in a single place…

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