Apocalypse Inquiry

I must share a brief story which I found to be rather humorous.

Just a few minutes ago I received a phone call from a local news station.  The caller, a reporter, asked for me by name and verified that I was a partner of Emergency Preparedness Solutions, LLC – my consulting firm.  She then asked if I had received any calls recently from anyone asking what they should do for the apocalypse – since, apparently, it is coming on December 21st.  I laughed and said ‘no’.  Despite doing a handful of presentations recently for businesses and not for profits I’ve not gotten any serious inquiries about apocalyptic preparedness – nor do I expect to, unless this post happens to spur some.

While we can’t predict the future, I expect that this coming Friday will be just like any other day on our temperamental planet.  My advice to everyone is to be prepared all the time!  Be informed, make a plan, build a kit, and get involved.

Happy Apocalypse!

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