Gunman Ambushed Firefighters in NYS

National Fallen Firefighter Memorial, National Fire Academy, Emmitsburg, MD

National Fallen Firefighter Memorial, National Fire Academy, Emmitsburg, MD

I’ve been following a news story today about a gunman who ambushed, shot, and killed two volunteer firefighters in Western New York this morning.  Two other firefighters were wounded in the incident as well.

This is an absolutely horrible occurrence, and provides another example of how first responders around the world risk their lives each and every day.  When the whistle blows at the fire station, those who respond expect to be responding to help someone who is sick or injured, to put out a fire, or to manage a motor vehicle accident.  They don’t expect to be shot at.  Sadly, on occasion, it does happen.  I’ve even had a shotgun aimed at me once when responding to a medical call as a firefighter/EMT – by the abuser in a domestic abuse situation.  These things aren’t supposed to happen to the good guys.

As the sun sets on the day of the eve of Christmas, my thoughts and my heart go out to the victims and the loved ones of those victims, not just of this incident, but of all incidents this year.  We’ve seen several horrific shootings and other acts of violence as well as devastation from mother nature.   Please keep these families in your thoughts and be sure to thank a veteran or a first responder for keeping us safe.

2 thoughts on “Gunman Ambushed Firefighters in NYS

  1. Such a tragic loss and agree .. these things shouldn’t happen to those who work so hard to save lives. Most people don’t have a clue nor understand what first responders deal with day in and day out … whether they are on the streets of an American town or in the deserts of some foreign land. Thank you for your service Tim and for your great posts, and yes .. our hearts are heavy too and keeping the families, victims and all First Responders in our thoughts and prayers.

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